The right BPO service provider is essential to successfully shift non-core activities of your business to offshore management while achieving cost and process reductions and improving procedural quality and efficiency. As you focus your resources on the core business, TechRAQ’s qualified and skilled workforce provides premium offshore BPO solutions specifically customized to your company’s functioning helping you gain and maintain the leading momentum in the market.

We achieve your objectives by facilitating you with operational efficiencies and substantial cost reductions on BPO processes and functions outsourced to us.Our value-added services are driven by advanced BPO methodologies, wherein the focus remains on adding quality and value to your business chain. The knowledge services, along with back and front office services, are personally designed keeping in mind a comprehensive knowledge of your industry vertical, its application to your overall organization, and quality relationship building for an effortless transition.

The smart channelizing of your valuable internal resources to core activities and simultaneous strategic handling of non-core procedures by TechRAQ results in immediate cost savings, effective and efficient functioning & resource utilization, and overall increase in your organizational capabilities.

These results are visible externally as well, in terms of operational productivity, strategic value addition, and driving change & transformation. More than this, through our dedicated teams adept at handling your clients, the existing customer satisfaction increases manifold for your business, thereby bringing in additional revenue while boosting your image in the market.

The cluster of BPO Services offered by TechRAQ includes the following:

Implementing business analytics to capitalize on big data requires the engagement of every part of your organization. Changes in IT must be matched by organizational change because you won't get value from what you learn about your business if you aren't structured to take advantage of it. That approach should include:.

  • Knowledge Services: Data Analysis, Domain-related Research, Surveys Research, etc.
  • Back Office Services: Data Entry, Data Evaluation, Various Forms Processing, Order Processing.
  • Front Office Services: Comprehensive Customer Care Solutions through Voice interaction and Online support.
  • Integrated Services: A balanced combination of Back & Front Office services.